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Welcome to this amazing online

At this store you can buy practically everything at moderate prices.

American online stores are famous for their solid reputation among customers from all over the world. People from different places order all kinds of goods by using just a computer mouse. Many Americans themselves, who have left the country, still continue to shop in native stores.

Have you ever wondered why American online stores are so widely known and used? Here is why.

  • Firstly, they can offer authentic products of incredible quality
  • Secondly, it is far more expedient to shop online as the prices are much lower
  • Finally, it is nice to choose and order goods by yourself and then have them shipped within just a couple of days.

Still prefer ordinary stores?


Shopping online is the one thing you really need.

You needn’t worry about any problems with shopping online. There are just none. We are the ones who make the whole process easy, safe and enjoyable. Choose us and you will economize, save time and energy, and enjoy every moment!

About us

Our company provides shipping services and is widely recognized internationally. We deliver packages to our partners storage facilities, from where they can be shipped to any place worldwide by any means of transport.

Our motto is “Crossing borders without barriers”. We are able to deliver anything to any country or place in the world. People and organizations that are our regular customers are located in such countries as Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Russia and many more.

Our company is highly experienced in delivering packages and does so in compliance with respective shipping laws of a large number of countries worldwide.

As our main principles we see safety, reliability, transparent price policy, responsibility, loyalty and customer attention. The company’s managers pay special attention to every client’s needs and requests, and act according to them. We always have the right option for every customer.

By turning to our company you gain certain benefits and advantages:

  • Update on the latest sales and discounts;
  • All the necessary assistance 24/7;
  • Packaging according to clients’ needs;
  • Consolidation of shipments;
  • Preparing the corresponding documentation in accordance with international and domestic standards;
  • Inexpensive shipping;
  • Providing all the required information concerning online shopping;
  • Assistance in purchasing products in the USA in case a retailer does not accept payments from your home countries.

Simple Shopping Online works in the benefit of its clients and contributes to making the shopping process more favorable.

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Our service

Our company provides a wide range of services in the sphere of online shopping. Full assistance is guaranteed at every stage of the purchasing process, which involves selecting products, dealing with payments, packaging and delivery. Our clients can be confident that the chosen goods will be successfully purchased and delivered safely and on time.

Getting what you ordered

Our staff is willing to assist you in selecting the store and the items, provide you with all the important information about the shopping process and help with the payment procedure. As soon as the product is ordered, it will be delivered to our office where the manager will examine it so as to make sure there are no problems with it and that it is the exact item you have ordered.


After having paid for the product and as soon as it is shipped to our headquarters, our customer may be positive that the product will be properly packed taking into account his/her wishes and demands. We can also offer to:

  • consolidate the package;
  • keep it at out storage facilities;
  • take pictures of your goods;
  • use special kinds of packaging, etc


When the product has been packed, it can be sent to the customer. All the documents are prepared for you beforehand. Note that the documents comply with the international law, laws of the USA and your home country; therefore, the risk of any problems arising at this stage is reduced to zero. Then the package is sent to one of the warehouses, which are located close to either of the shipping ends, depending on the means of transportation used, and later is forwarded to the required address. In addition, you are given a special tracking number that allows you to keep track of the package.

How it works

We follow a special pattern that makes the whole process simple and convenient. It includes several steps.


The customer places an order and indicates his/her preferences regarding the desirable goods, package, methods of payment, etc. If any additional information is required, our managers are ready to help.


After the chosen item is ordered, it should be paid for. It is also required to pay for the services provided by our company at this point. There is a variety of payment systems that can be used and all of them are equally secure. The payment is registered the day it is received.

Packaging and delivering

Finally, we have the package validated, prepare all the necessary documentation, and then send the package to our partners’ warehouses, wherefrom it can be forwarded directly to you by any suitable means of transportation.

Our methods of operating have proved to be effective and time-saving. We realize that our clients seek to get their product undamaged and as quickly as possible, thus we make every effort to do our job as best as we can.


Should you have any questions concerning our work, do not hesitate to look through the FAQ. In case it is of no

Who has the right to send me a shipment? Traders? Individuals? Or either?

Any company or individual can send a shipment to a special address in the US. We work with any.

Do I need an address in the United States? Or having a post office box is enough?

Having an address in the US is required. You will be given a special address in the USA which will allow you to receive goods and packages from any company.

What services are used to deliver me the documents and goods? How long does the shipping take?

Usually we use DHL for delivering documents. The shipping time is never more than four days. Some companies, however, need up to eight weeks to complete the delivery.

What if I order several items and would prefer to receive them all together? Is it possible to pack those in one box?

Clients who got PLUS or PREMIUM membership have certain advantages. In particular, their items can be put and delivered together in order to lower the costs (if required). Our shipping costs get lower with higher package weight. Therefore, it’s more economical to send one large package instead of several smaller ones.

Could you inform me about you private policy?

We place a high premium on protecting our clients’ privacy. We strictly follow our company’s policy which implies no divulgation of personal data.

How much do I pay to become a member?

You should contact our manager for details. All members get their personal accounts which then are available to you at any time. Moreover, all members receive email with details concerning the shipping.

What should I do to order from the companies located in the US that do not work internationally?

After getting your address in the USA, you should contact the bank or company that works with your credit card and have this address added as your additional billing/shipping address. After doing so you will be able to purchase goods from American retailers. We are confident that almost every company allows to have more than one shipping address. If there are any problems, do not hesitate to speak to a manager of your bank/company. You can also contact us if there is no progress. Another variant is ordering through our company, which saves you time and is generally more convenient. More information can be found on our website or by telephone.

What telephone number do I use to place the order?

Any phone number would work as long as the code of your country is included.

Are any fees, tariffs, taxes included into the shipping rates?

The rates are fixed. However, additional customs fees may be taken. They vary from country to country and have to be paid. For details please contact your local customs.

How can you guarantee that all notifications are in place?

It is important that you add us to “exclusions” in your firewall as quite often such filters block such mail. We notify our clients by email when a shipment leaves the warehouse, and also when it arrives to a customer. We also send other important information to our clients via email.

I really prefer to buy things on eBay. But I often cannot use my credit card as the retailers won’t accept it. So, can I pay them through your company?

Absolutely. We use a wide range of payment systems. Whichever one is convenient to our customers.

How does my online account work? What is it for?

After logging into your account you can trace all the goods that you ordered. You can use your account 24/7 and from any device. You’ll also be notified when the package is ready for you.

Is it possible for a company to get your account?

Yes. Premium membership allows this. A representative for the company has to fill in the USPS form 1583 and attach a copy of his/her ID.

Can I get goods using another name?

You are allowed to use other names.

Can I receive my order if I’m not present at my shipping address?

It can be done. We can deliver you goods no matter where you are at the moment. But note that you should contact us in advance so that we make changes to the shipping information. Also, let us know if you change your mind. The fees would then vary depending on destination.

I’ve just got my shipping address in the USA. Can I start using it right now?

Of course. You are good to go as soon as you get your address. You can order goods right away. But you should be aware of the fact that when you use a Premium account, you cannot receive mail from us until you send the filled in 1583 form and a copy of your ID. This is prescribed by US laws.

Where can I get USPS form #1583? How do I fill it in? Where do I send it then?

You can use this link and download it there: form-1583.pdf.

Is it necessary to notarize the form?

No, it is not obligatory.

Can I send you the 1583 form by email?

Yes, you may send it via mail, fax or email.

If I’m a corporation, how do I fill in the form?

The form must be filled in by a member of a company and he/she must attach a copy of the ID.

Where can I get the information concerning the goods that are prohibited from importing to my country?

Below is presented the list of items that are prohibited from importing, cannot be shipped, may require additional licensing, with which you may have problems at customs inspection, etc.:

Can I come to your office and pick my order by myself?

Yes. You are always welcome to our office where you can get your package. Our pick-up fee is $15 for the first pound. The rest is $1 for each.

What does extended coverage stand for?

It means that not only main locations are covered, but also locations with limited access. This service costs additional $24.This sum covers additional expenses of a company for which it now takes longer to deliver goods to you. If you do not fall into this category but has paid for extended coverage, we will give you the money back.

What is dim weight?

Of course. You are good to go as soon as you get your address. You can order goods right away. But you should be aware of the fact that when you use a Premium account, you cannot receive mail from us until you send the filled in 1583 form and a copy of your ID. This is prescribed by US laws.

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In order to be certain that we provide exclusive services to our customers and do the job at our best, we regularly ask our clients’ opinion regarding the quality of our service and try to better understand their needs and demands. We suggest you reading this page through so as to get acquainted with our clients’ impression of us. In case you look forward to contacting one of our customers to learn more about their experience with us, please send us an email and we will give you all the details.